[ Business ] 2018-04-17
Shoddy fibre exporters allege Customs harassment at port
The exporters of the shoddy fibre, (cotton made of waste garments), called Jhoot in the garment sector, are suffering from myriads of problems at the Chattagram port due to unnecessary harassment by custom officials over the last four months. 

According to sources, the shoddy fibre industry is essentially a waste industry. Its raw material is waste of garment industry and it fetches around $10 million per month through exports.

Hafizul Islam Khan, Secretary General of the Bangladesh Textile and Garment Waste Processors and Exporters Association's said that many exporters are involved in the export of these non-conventional industrial goods in the small sector.

He said that "The government has given cash incentive to boost export on the other non-conventional industrial goods, but we are suffering to export the shoddy fibre.

 "We have asked the Vice Chairman of Export Promotion Bureau to work out a solution," he added.

According to the sources, India is one of the buyers of Jhoot Bangladesh jhoot and re-export the item to different countries including Europe after Exporting after making yarn out of the shoddy fibre.

Hafizul Islam said, Chattagram customs has stopped exporting this product for unknown reasons. He said that around 200 entrepreneur's and 2 lakh workers are engaged in making cotton from Jhoot fibre.

As a result, the workers likely lose their job and the government is lose earnings from exports of the item, he added.

Nuruzzaman, Commissioner of Chattagram Customs House said: "I know about the matter. In this situation, in response to the application of the shoddy fibre exporters, I have instructed relevant officials to solve the issue quickly.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh is the largest merchandise exporter among the Least Developed Countries (LDCs), according to the latest statistics of the World Trade Organisation (WTO)
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