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Bikroy.com launches promotional services [ ] 28/11/2014
Bikroy.com launches promotional services
 Bikroy.com, the largest market place in Bangladesh, just launched two paid ad promotional services, named Top Ad for 7 days and Daily Bump Up for 7 days.

While the basic service of posting free ads remains the same, the site now offers users paid ad promotions. The purpose of these paid services is for the ad poster to sell products faster than regular free ads as they stand out from the masses.

The Top Ad for 7 days promotion costs Taka 349 and will keep two spots at the top of every ad listing page and these are larger than regular free ads as well as highlighted in yellow. This promotional service attracts up to 10 times more views.

The Daily Bump Up promotion costs Tk 99 and moves the ad to the top of the regular free ad listings once a day for 7 days. This promotional service attracts up to 5 times more views compared to regular free ads.

�Thousands of ads are published on Bikroy.com every day. The new paid ad promotional services are designed in a way that products can get sold faster and reach a wider audience, thus providing a better chance to sell products at a better price," said Eshita Sharmin, Marketing Manager, Bikroy.com.

Saif Sejan is a student and have bought the Top Ad for 7 days. He said, �I post ads on Bikroy.com regularly for selling used mobile phones. But, last week I needed to sell my iPhone 5s quickly. So I bought the promotional service from Bikroy.com and the response was super fast. After doing some negotiation, I sold the phone on the same day.�

To avail this service, customers have to post an ad and click the �Promote your ad� button on the last page while posting a free ad.
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