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BB allows $5,000 sans declaration [ Front Page ] 15/11/2017
limit to keep foreign currencies
BB allows $5,000 sans declaration
Bangladeshi citizens can keep up to USD 5,000 or an equivalent amount of any other foreign currency without any declaration. This came into effect from last Monday, says a circular of Bangladesh Bank (BB). The  circular was signed by BB deputy general manager Md Shahidul Islam. On October 15, 2017, BB allowed travellers to take up to Tk. 10,000 in the Bangladeshi currency while leaving the country. The same amount was fixed for travellers coming into the country. All banks that deal in foreign currency have received the circular.

In the circular, BB said: ”Any amount of foreign currency may be brought in by an incoming passenger with declaration to the Customs authorities in Form FMJ. No declaration, however, is necessary for amounts brought in upto USD 5,000 or equivalent. For a foreigner, the entire amount brought in with declaration or upto USD 5,000 brought in without declaration may be taken out freely at the time of departure. Upto USD 5,000 brought in without declaration by a Bangladeshi may also be retained and taken out freely while proceeding abroad. Any amount in excess of USD 5,000 brought in by resident Bangladeshis should, however, be encashed or deposited in an appropriate foreign currency account within 30 days of arrival. Such amounts brought in by non‐resident Bangladeshis can be encashed or deposited in a  foreign currency account any time after returning to Bangladesh.”  “An incoming/outgoing adult female passenger may bring in/take out any quantity of personal jewellery worn on her person or as part of her accompanying personal baggage,” it added. According to the Customs rule, anyone can bring 10 grams of gold from abroad without tax.
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