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Containers missing from secured custody in Ctg Port [ chittagong ] 16/03/2018
Containers missing from secured custody in Ctg Port
Customs officials at Chittagong Port suspected    missing of  a number of containers from secured  custody of the Port.

The matter of missing was apprised to Chittagong  Port Authority (CPA) . On the other hand,  CPA sent a letter to Customs for disseminating the missing information specifically, sources added.

 It is learnt during last 16 months from July 2016  ,  a total of 5000 containers were  stocked  when the incumbent Commissioner Dr.AKM Nuruzzaman joined .After his joining , an  investigation committee headed by Additional Commissioner Md. Shafiuddin was constituted.

After going the task of investigation thoroughly , it was traced that in  accordance with store books , the actual  containers as per stock are in fact not available.

While contacted Customs commissioner told that  from July 2016 upto November 2017, IGM submitted and assessed the consignment but  tax remained  due . A number consignment not delivered  inspite of payment of tax, auctioned  some containers .

 A committee in connection to ascertain the  non-delivery of containers, unpaid containers, auction of containers was constituted by the incumbent commissioner.

 A  reliable source said members of the probe body  suspected  that some containers among the 5000  have been  missing which was apprised to the port authority.

Admitting the fact, Port Secretary Omar Faruk told  that Customs Authority sent a letter  informing about  the missing of containers  and CPA  replied against the allegations of missing with specific information of missing, sources said.
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